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Your Pet's Journey through Surgery

Coming into the Hospital

What will Happen

You will be instructed to starve your pet from 8pm the night before their operation, leaving fresh water down until the morning of your appointment.  This is so that your pet will not vomit whilst under the anaesthetic.

You and your pet will have an appointment on the morning of the operation. This appointment will allow the vet to perform a pre-operative examination. This is where the vet will listen to your pet’s heart, lungs and take some history of how your pet has been over the last 24-48 hours. The vet will also check that your pet has been starved overnight. Once this is done and everything is fine your beloved pet will be admitted to the care of our team for the day.

Your pet will have a lovely, warm blanket to lay on in a secure kennel. We have a herbal plug in diffuser to help your pet remain calm and relaxed.  A member of our staff will also be with your pet whilst preparing for their operation. Your pet will be given medication called a premed to help calm and relax them. Then they will have a general  anaesthetic or sedation administered depending on the procedure to be performed. For all routine neuters, general  anaesthetic is administered.

Your pet is then prepared for the surgery by their fur being clipped and the area cleaned thoroughly with a medical scrub. Your pet will be closely monitored by an experienced veterinary nurse thorough out their stay with us.


Once the surgical procedure has finished your pet will be placed into a recovery kennel, where again they will be closely monitored until fully awake.

When your Pet Comes Home

An appointment will be made for your pet to be discharged to you. At this appointment the vet or nurse will go through instructions on how best to care for your pet after the anaesthetic and operation. You will have a copy of this to take home with you to use for reference. You will also have medication to give to your pet over the coming days. These will have full instructions on labels attached to the items also the way of administration will be demonstrated to you. We will also ask to see your pet again in a few days for a post op check- up.


If you are worried at all about your pet please do not hesitate in calling us on 01495 616 656

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