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Nurse Clinic & 

End of Life Care

Nurse Clinic  

We offer FREE checks with the nurse:

  • Weight checks

  • Youth Clubs 

  • Nutrition

  • Behaviour advice

  • Toothbrushing assistance appointments

  • Bereavement support

Our nurse is also able to:

  • Clip nails

  • Aid in Physiotherapy

  • Help in aiding long term illnesses such as diabetes.

End of Life Care

Here at Folly Veterinary Centre we aim to support you and your pet through all aspects of end of life care.

We offer pre-euthanasia appointments so you can discuss all aspects of this difficult process with our veterinary team and make the decision together on when the time is right. We can also arrange cremation for your pet if you wish.

We also offer home visits to assist you during this difficult time.

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