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Pet Healthcare 


Healthy and happy pets require certain routine treatments. In order to help you with these needs, we have designed the Pet Healthcare Plan for cats and dogs.

By joining our plan, you spread the cost of routine treatments over the year and receive further discounts on selected treatments, and save you money at the same time.

Cat and Dogs Plan:

  • The most up to date annual vaccinations

  • Kennel Cough (dogs only)

  • All year round flea treatment

  • All year round worming treatment

  • One nail clip consultation

  • One anal gland expression

  • Discounts on life stage food and selected shop sales

  • 2 Dental X-rays if needed (anaesthesia, dental procedure charges will apply)

  • 100% discount on your pets' insurance claim admin fee

In the event of cancellation due to non payment of the plan during the 12 month plan period, we'll calculate what you've already paid and the cost of treatments received during the plan year. If there's a shortfall, you'll need to pay the difference or pay for the remainder of the plan year.

Plans start from as little as £14 a month

Your pet needs to be at least six month old or have a stable weight

It is quick and simple to join. Press the button below

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